How To Get Thousands of $'s For College


Going through the financial aid process and trying to determine how you will get the most money for college can be an overwhelming thought. Let us help!

Since 2005 we have been doing FREE workshops in the Middle Tennessee area titled, "How To Get Thousands of Dollars For College".

Our mission is to help as many families as possible go through the financial aid process easily while developing a strategy that positions their students to get the most free money for college possible.

To help you get started we offer a free website, free workshop and a free one hour consultation! Take advantage of one or all of these opportunities!


The Free Website:



The Free Workshop:


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At the FREE Workshop you will learn:

The best kept secrets of the college financial aid system...

  • How to develop a strategy to double or even triple your eligibility for financial aid.            
  • How to fill out the complicated aid forms accurately and on time.
    • (Over 90% fail to fill them out correctly and lose potential aid!)
  • Ways to get the maximum amount of money from each school and lower your "out-of-pocket" costs,

Also,  Find Out...

  • Why choosing the right schools can help you lower your college costs!
  • How you may still get a great financial aid award, even if you don't qualify for need based financial aid!
  • What the things you are doing right now to save for college may actually be hurting you from a financial aid perspective.
  • How to appeal a financial aid award
  • And much more!



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The Free 1 Hour Consultation:


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This is your free hour to discuss your individual college situation. During this time we will review your profile, calculate your EFC and give you specific recommendations tailored to you.



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