We offer a wide array of investments to help families meet their retirement and college funding goals.  

Just as importantly, we have 3 tenets we adhere to when recommending or implementing any investment strategy. Those tenets are these:

I. You must know why your trusted advisor recommended a particular investment.

When working with us, our approach to managing a family's investments does not begin with the investment itself. So many times a Stock Broker (ie Edward Jones, Merrill Lynch, UBS, AG Edwards, etc.), Life Insurance Agent or Banker will start with the product they want to sell you. And so many times people don't get the entire story about that investment. It's so much easier to sell the sizzle. Because most of these professionals are compensated by commissions, whether it's true or not, it seems as if that's the reason for the investment recommendation. We are fee-based advisors and recommend investment strategies because we believe they best help you meet your goals. There are no other hidden motives. That's our commitment to you!

II. You must know how that investment fits within your individual financial plan.

Every investment has it's potential reward but every investment also has its downside. And every investment, in our opinion, should be judged by how it fits in your overall financial strategy. We begin with the goals you are trying to achieve. The investment strategy is then crafted based on the best possible investment scenario to help you meet those goals, whether you have retirement objectives, college funding goals or other goals that you are striving for a well crafted and continually monitored investment strategy is essential. Our commitment is to help you understand how every investment we recommend helps you achieve your individual financial planning goals!

III. You must know how your trusted advisor is compensated.

When working with us, You'll know exactly how you're compensating your advisor. We offer financial planning and investment on fee basis. We believe families understand that in order to have an ongoing working relationship it's better for their advisor to be compensated on an ongoing basis. Families therefore can feel comfortable that their advisors incentives are more closely aligned with their own. Our commitment to you is that you'll never walk out of our office wondering how we receive compensation. Fees are explained and discussed before our clients make any investment decisions.

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