Retirement Planning

The Genesis Group Specializes in helping families prepare for a successful retirement!

The number one concern that almost everybody will face in their lifetime is whether or not they will have enough money to live the lifestyle they want when they retire.  Nobody wants to enter retirement with the fear of not knowing if they will outlive their money.  At The Genesis Group we believe that achieving a successful retirement starts with the understanding of three basic principles:


 I.  Knowing your probability of achieving retirement success.

Believe it or not, you can know your probability of having a successful retirement as you define it.   If you knew right now that based on what you are currently doing, you had a 50% probability of running out of money during you retirement, what would you do?  At The Genesis Group, we know that in order to help our clients achieve retirement success we must first help them understand the three factors that affect retirement success: withdrawal rates, sequence of market returns and investment selection.  Knowing how each one of these affects your retirement portfolio and managing them correctly can help to increase your probability of achieving retirement success.


II. Preparing for a 30 year retirement.

Chasing performance and not managing their investments to their financial plan is one key reason why many Americans are heading into their “golden years” with under-funded retirement assets.  The reason why this is such a critical issue is that most of the folks who are retiring today are facing a situation that no generation before them has had to face.  The average retiree today is looking at spending thirty years in retirement.  That’s the average!  This means that it’s more critical now, than ever before, to make sure that you have accumulated enough of a nest egg to fund a thirty year retirement.


III. Starting with a plan.

It’s a well known fact that those who start with a plan are much more likely to succeed in their endeavors.  Very few people achieve lasting success without planning.  Achieving a successful retirement is no different.  At The Genesis Group, we believe that a cornerstone to achieving lasting financial success starts with sound planning.  We can help you build a plan that not only focuses on your goals and objectives, but can also adapt and be flexible as your objectives change throughout your life.

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